Motivation Tactic #1: Sign Up for Something

Having a deadline in the form of a race, fun run, or other event transforms your relationship to exercise. You have a purpose! You need to get out and prepare for that event. You know that you’ll reap the rewards on event day by being prepared.

Some people resist doing races–they claim they don’t like the crowds, they aren’t interested in competition, or the opposite–they don’t know why they would enter a race if they knew they couldn’t win it! If any of these lines sounds like you, I urge you to have a second look. There are all kinds of races and events, so dig deep, do some research and  find something that suits you. Or consider creating your own informal event with a small group of friends. You can set your own time, place and distances.

Once you’ve done one race or event (let’s say a 5k) you’ve got a ready-made motivation machine. You’ve set a benchmark for yourself that subtly, or not so subtly, asks you if you can do better. Use that impetus!, and before you’ve thought about it another minute, sign up for another 5k!

Watch for more motivation tactics coming soon. And pass along your own motivation tips.

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