Triathlon Milestones

Great things happened this past weekend at the Lake Meridian Triathlon. Three friends (who also happen to be current or former clients) achieved big milestones.

My friend Molly took on her first Olympic distance tri (1-mile swim, 24-mile bike, 6.2-mile run) and came in with a time of 3:03 placing 3rd in her age group! She’s been slicing and dicing her times like a true tri addict and is eyeing one more Olympic tri this summer–itching to get under 3 hours. Yes, you can Molly!

My friend Paul signed up for the Super Sprint distance (.25-mile swim, 15.85-mile bike, 3.1-mile run), which I also did. He’s a strong cyclist and very solid runner, but not so much a swimmer. I was seriously impressed with his commitment to training for that swim. It takes boldness and guts to suck at something, but he did that swim! He then proceeded to pass me at mile 12 of the ride and dominated the run to take 2nd place OVERALL! Amazing.

And Molly’s friend Kristin also finished her first Olympic distance race. Judging by the smile on her face at T2 (the transition from bike to run)–48 seconds, the fastest T2 of her age group! (that’s kind of a joke on obsessive triathletes, but in this case, it’s true!) , I think Kristen had the most fun of any of us.

Great races everyone! Seeing you take on new distances, new challenges and being willing to suck before you’re good is a major inspiration to me and to everyone around you!

Rachel (1st chick Overall) and Paul (2nd Overall) enjoy being Big Fish after dominating the Lake Meridian Super Sprint triathlon.

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