Staying in the Game

I have fallen off the pace of my regular training over the past year. Crappy weather was a factor. We Seattleites pride ourselves on being active in the rain, but this year has been absurd, one of the wettest on record and it has just stayed unseasonably cold right up into June. It wore me down. At least now it’s warm enough to swim in the lake, which helps since I have refused to swim at the pool since May.

The other factor that threw me off this past year was our long, drawn out move with lots of downsizing. You may already know it can be hard to keep on a regular training or exercise schedule. Introduce a new logistical factor (a job change, family in town, exams, kids out of school, etc) and it can completely throw your training, and your resolve to stick to it, out the window.

After being so committed to training and following my workout schedule to the letter, it was humbling to watch myself miss workouts and experience so much resistance to getting back in the game. It’s led me to pay a lot of close attention to motivation and inspiration. What factors help get me back, and what contributes to lapses. So, coming up: a short series on motivation tactics. Stay tuned. And in the meantime, tell me:

What saps your motivation and resolve?

What motivates you to get back when you lose momentum?


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