July 6, 2011

It is gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest, an auspicious day to launch a blog. This one’s called Unstill Life and the deal is this: I’m going to write about fitness coaching, holistic wellness, triathlon, running, nutrition, brain science and big life changes.

Fitness and Wellness sometimes feel like tired buzzwords to me, but hey, I’m stuck with them. What I mean by those words is adapting your body and soul to live a well-authored and audacious life you know is yours. Life keeps coming; we dance, run, swim, ski, shred, hoop, (insert verb of your choice) with it.

How did I get here? A late onset (40+) introduction to fitness via triathlon racing led me to test my limits, change my body, get stronger and faster, experience agency, start new chapter, become fitness evangelist, and turn other people onto same as a coach and trainer. So, now I’m starting to have some stuff to share. I hope you’ll dip in and grab some and run with it. And while you’re running, comment!

Another great reason to launch today is that it’s the birthday of my friend Jamie who would have been 48 today if she hadn’t died at 19. She was a serious force for audacity and I am still finding my way to tapping life in the vivid way she did. So here’s to her mentoring spirit.

That’s enough for today. Thanks for reading. I’m going for a swim in the lake.

3 thoughts on “July 6, 2011

  1. Rachel,

    Bravo for a great launch of a blogsite that has my attention. I truly hope you will share many stories of the people and events that have literally been your source of inspiration that it may move others. You swim in the lake? Regularly? Like Kate Hepburn was famous for doing to keep her circulation flowing?

    I look forward to understanding the impetus for what got you to where you are today!

    Glad you are apart of the community that seeks to enthusiastically write.

    Authentic Writing Provokes (Always!)

  2. These stories you relayed were interesting and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure from your blog address what you expect, but from the content it is truly a great blog name.
    You are a very compassionate writer and I thank you for sharing.

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